Stay Here is a network of accommodation listing sites.

Accommodation is listed according to its nearest town – each town is a separate site with separate listings.  Users find accommodation by clicking on a linked town on the homepage map.

Accommodation providers can list their accommodation by choosing the town nearest to their accommodation and clicking on “Add Accommodation” at the top of that site.

The network is growing and we welcome suggestions for additional towns.

Much of the accommodation on these sites is added via affiliate links.  We will be paid commission if you book via these links.  This does not affect the price that you pay.

All these sites are run by Carol Smith who is based in Herefordshire.  You can contact us by emailing or by telephoning us on 01531 660440, or you can fill in the contact form below.

Please note that we do not take money directly from people wanting to book accommodation.  All payments for holidays are handled via the accommodation provider or their third party website (for example,,, etc)

The only money we take is from accommodation providers who wish to list their accommodation directly on one of our sites.

Please read our scam page for warnings about paying for accommodation via sites that you do not trust.